Short Stories

"Unusual Times" is about love and sacrifice, and came about when I was trying to copy Ray Bradbury's style. Not sure if I actually succeeded, but you can check it out and decide for yourself at TRANSLUNAR TRAVELERS LOUNGE

"Misty and the Windmills" speculates on some of the unintended consequences of sustainable clean energy, part of the up-beat futuristic anthology THE FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT. I'm rather proud of this one. 

"Echoes" was based on a nightmare I had, and is the creepiest thing I've written so far, available on Thanks to Carly Heath for capturing the story concept wonderfully in her artwork, and if you scroll down past the story, you'll find the audio version by Starla Huchton. She made it even creepier, but in a good way, of course.

My story "All the Way Home" is included in the May 31, 2020 issue of ELECTRIC SPEC online magazine. Take a look. There are other great stories here, gentle-yet-haunting speculative fiction that would make Ray Bradbury proud. 

Something for everyone can be found in STORIES AT SUNSET, a collection of short stories by the members of the Grand Canyon Authors Club. My own story is a Kafka-riff-giant-cockroach story "Forewarned."  Find your next favorite author in STORIES AT SUNSET on AMAZON 

 More short stories  in these fun anthologies from Whortleberry Press

Two of the stories in Sketches in the Air also have other homes.

"Combustion" is available online in the September 2012 issue of  The Nameless Zine, produced by the Western Science Fiction Association.
"The Hung Gun" is available online at Mystery Anthology, available through the hard work of coordinator Molly McKinney. 

You can get these and three more unusual short stories in one convenient volume. Sketches in the Air is a great deal!